The world's most expensive foods - dietary laws
The world is insane. The expression "to go mad from fat" is as relevant as ever. There are those who die of hunger. And those who are tormented by the…

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Ideas low-calorie dishes for Easter
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The most expensive foods and dishes
The most expensive foods in the world, taste and method of obtaining or preparation which recedes into the background before the fact that tasting them, you touch the dream. What…

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Exotic seafood – systeming, hakarl, language cod

The cooking of sea fish and other sea creatures are included in the menu of each country. But only some countries are able to surprise the truly exotic preparation of seafood .

European exotics.



Meat from cooked Katran probably tried many. But many who were able to try a polar shark. Feature polar shark in that its structure lacks the kidneys and urinary tract and all detoxification occurs through the skin. But the people living on the island of Iceland, have found a way to overcome this inconvenience. They’re just buried in the ground and in the meat after just over a month, are dug, dried in the fresh air and doing pruning. This dish is called hakarl. In Iceland there is also a festival dedicated to

The language of cod.

Fried tongues of cod fish in the North is the most recognizable and delicious dish. It is served as a common dish in every restaurant. But the history of this type of dishes born from a mere poverty. Once while unloading fish on the docks of Canada and Norway, come the beggars and homeless people and cut out the tongues of cod. This does not spoil appearance, and the fishermen have not chased the poor, allowing them at least to survive. This dish is diet — when there are a large number of proteins and minimal amounts of fat.

Ekzoticheskaya South-East Asia.


Marine life in these countries the most popular type of food. But some of the dishes that are prepared here, we will never be able to perceive as normal. One of them is the Korean dish sannakji. For him, the octopus tentacles are cut and immediately served to the table raw, along with the sauce and oil from the sesame seeds. The need for oil is that the movable piece of tentacle stuck in his throat and did not let the person suffocate. Ikezukuri is also a dish prepared from fresh products of the sea .

The puffer fish.

One of the deadly attractions of this famous cooking puffer fish belonging to the family of puffers or the fish-dog. Known cases of death by eating poorly cooked fish. Therefore the chef must be a specialist of high class and finish, special courses for the preparation of fugu. In composition fish is a highly toxic poison capable of killing two dozen people. To do this, and need to know how to carve and to be able to cook fish so that all the toxins have left the product completely. But

nowadays this product is considered the most popular and very expensive. Is brave enough to try the fish not looking at the fact that over a hundred people in the world die from fugu fish. After tasting the fish feel a short-term effect of euphoria so the sale is prohibited. Even the Imperial family in Japan prohibited the preparation of this product for security purposes. One of the meals eaten in their pure form, are sea urchins. Its internal part, which is called uni and tastes like mustard, with a characteristic smell of flowers.

There are not as exotic seafood.

Sea cucumber

Long fried sea cucumber is the most common dish in China. It’s not even close to a vegetable and residing at the bottom of the ocean animal. The sea cucumber is revered by ancient Chinese symbol for beautiful like a phallus and its miraculous effect on a man’s strength. In ancient times this dish podnosilac exclusively to the Emperor’s table, but today his cooking do all the decent places. It is also called trepang, and under this name, he is known to our people living on Sakhalin. It tastes almost the be

sukusen, but with proper use of spices is becoming an exquisite delicacy. The trepang is especially delicious in carrot juice or mushroom soup with young bamboo shoots. Having a little fat and lots of protein, this product is popular from diabetic diseases.

Soups in Vietnam are made from marine fish and animals. For our people it is not something special, in otlichiye from representatives of other countries. Not every tourist can try soup from the head of the local catfish with a whole set of ingredients grown in Vietnam and having a sour sweet taste. But in fact, these soups are fabulously delicious, and it is possible to prepare any owner in our country, but only in the usual in our corner of the ingredients. Boiled chicken broth with the addition of ginger and added noodles, shrimp and shredded Chinese cabbage. The dish is rich and very hearty. Eating one serving, may not be useful the second dish.

It is impossible not to take into account that not our tradition they are not ours. All the main dishes of our diet should consist of foods familiar to us, and we must partake of the traditions of our ancestors. You do not need to fanatically take exotic dishes and seafood. Just as diversity awareness or worth a try the traditions of other nationalities. You don’t have to force your stomach accustomed to “their” food.

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