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TOP 10 most exotic desserts in the world – try? Famous and rare of the peoples of the world cuisine – gourmet recipes collected from everywhere

Our world is very interesting, so opening up new country, take the time to enjoy the familiar desserts, because you get a unique opportunity to try unusual sweets !

Ice cream in liquid nitrogen

At the same time as NASA has long mastered the technology of freezing food for astronauts, only a couple of brave and gifted chefs dare to reach new frontiers of molecular gastronomy and to offer tourists something similar.

One of these brave men lives in the Philippines, signature dish, which is ice cream made through liquid nitrogen. The taste of the cold treats will surprise you very much – from lavender and rose to bacon and eggs!

Dark chocolate

So you may not be deceived by such a banal name in the menu of the restaurant Alinea, you should know and information about this sweet.

If you order, it would seem that the humble dessert, you will see an unforgettable theatre performance: right in front of you on the table will draw chaotic lines of yellow syrup and bright red cranberry jam. Top with chocolate balls set, huge size, like bowling, fill them with cranberry pudding, honey and frozen persimmon, and after ruthlessly break, creating a real work of abstraction.

Don’t know which dessert to choose? Try tall cake, Cherpumple, which consists of laid on each other classic American treats.pumpkin, cherry and Apple pies that are liberally laced cheese frosting.

Originally, this dish was invented by some American humorist, and almost a year later, all the California chefs are experimenting with all sorts of fillings. Huge sweetness became a favorite treat every American citizen, of course, except those who are watching their figure, as a piece of this dessert contains 1800 calories.

The Sultan’s Golden cake

This luxury worthy of a Sultan or Sultan’s dessert served in fashionable Istanbul restaurant five-star Ciragan Palace Hotel.

This gorgeous cake from a terrific mixture of pickled pears, quince, apricots, figs and Jamaican rum two years of exposure, caramelized truffles and Polynesian vanilla is prepared within three days. At the final stage of the cake is covered with edible flakes of thin plates of twenty-four carat gold. Because of this, he looks like a big gold ingot.

Candy fried stuffing

Rumor has it that this dessert came after fifteen years ago some of these edges cook decided to fry a Mars bar.

Since desserts with fried stuffing has gained great popularity in fast-food outlets in Scotland and the UK. However, sea is not necessarily to go, you can easily prepare this treat at home with any filling chocolate bar that needs to be fried in batter.

“Green dysentery”

This Taiwanese city is famous for its extraordinary restaurants. and one of them trendy institution under not very “tasty” by the name Modern Toilet.

This abundance of foods that usually resemble something not quite appetizing, which are invariably present in the bowls, resembling a sick duck, be sure to order the dessert “Green dysentery”. Explain for the faint of heart, what, really, is ice cream with sauce of strawberry and kiwi, and disease nothing connects.

“English Breakfast”

In Dublin be sure to order the dessert called “English Breakfast” from Vicky MacDonald, and you will see a plate with scrambled eggs, sausage, fried bacon, a slice of bread.

But once you taste this dish, you will realize that scrambled eggs is a Panna cotta with a circle of lemon, and that, actually, the “blood sausage” made with white chocolate biscuit and sponge cake with peanut butter. Vicki spent a lot of time fantasizing how to give the dessert a believable look of a classic Breakfast of an Englishman!

If you visit Singapore and Malaysia, do not forget to taste are very popular in this area dessert – an unusual ice cream with red bean, lychee, and sweet corn, condensed milk and green jelly.

Red beans is a necessary Foundation, and then begin all sorts of variations: garnish dessert with pieces of durian, different seeds, strawberry syrup, jelly based agar. If such a treat you may find a bit strange, then you can order a dessert of green noodles that soaked the coconut milk with sugar.

Devil’s Tres Leches

The restaurant is Mexican fusion gastronomy Chego in Los Angeles offers a completely unique dessert with a strange name that is translated as “Three milk devil”.

When you taste this cake. you will definitely understand why he got this name because the dessert is prepared on the basis of condensed milk, liberally seasoned with Cayenne pepper and cinnamon pudding with spicy beans peanuts and tapioca. If you happened to visit this restaurant, we recommend you to enjoy and other Goodies, for example, crispy rice with chocolate, sandwiched with caramel and chili sauce.

Can’t imagine life without meat? Then you should come to taste this is quite common in the Turkish state dessert with chicken.

The recipe of this dish include minced chicken breast, sweetened rice, sugar, flour and milk, and sprinkle generously with almonds and cinnamon. In the Ottoman Empire this delicious pudding very often was the main dessert on the table Topkani Palace – the main residence of the Sultan.

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