The most expensive foods and dishes

TOP 10 most exotic dishes of the world
In our rating You will read about the shark meat, grasshoppers and even the brain of the monkey. In recent times gained great popularity a gastronomic tourism. And on that…

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Recipes for every day
Meat. Almost dietary. Meat cut into portion pieces, about 5x5 cm Lay in a cold empty pot and put it on the cold stove. To turn on the low heat,…

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Bachelor dinner No. 32
Three unusual dishes of potatoes Wait?) Let's go! The beginning of summer I have always associated with strawberries, cherries and a young potato. About the latter today, and will be…

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Enjoy live, live easy – Meals on the grill: how to cook tasty and quick

Traditional may day entertainment – a trip with the family on a picnic can easily turn into an exciting culinary journey.

Because one grill easily fits delicious dishes from different countries of the world: Georgian kebab, Asian chicken, salmon in dill Scandinavian and fried bananas.

Food cooked on charcoal, are especially tasty and fragrant, and absorb them outdoors in good company is much more fun than indoors, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that I love picnics in all corners of the world.

The only difference in the dishes that are cooked in different countries. For example, Thai picnic impossible without a couple of skewers of fried locusts, the Vietnamese eat snakes, for the Germans in the country is unthinkable without pork ribs and juicy sausage, and the Americans go to a BBQ with lush buns for hamburgers and meat for steaks. By the way, some foreign dishes can be prepared in our cottages and forest edges.

French tarts for a snack

Specifics picnic makes its own rules when selecting snacks. Continue reading

Dessert, side dish, salad of pumpkin and carrot – healthy menu for every day!

Dishes made of different vegetables form the basis of the diet of each person. All other products – meat, fish, milk, fruits – only complement the recipes, the basis in which vegetable. And main vegetable dishes – salads and side dishes. For example, a salad of pumpkin and carrot may be as a separate dish, and complement-tasty garnish to cooked meat dishes. Will try to experiment?


Pumpkin and carrot – based salad

Pumpkin and carrots are among the most colourful and beautiful vegetables. They add elegance to any dish to which you add as a component. What can we say about the salad, where carrots and pumpkin will be the main ingredients. This dish will be a real decoration even everyday table.

Most often a salad with carrots and pumpkin is a vegetable dishes, in their menu used by those people who are fasting. But also vegetable salads, as the basis of the diet, those who are watching their weight and health. After all vegetables – is useful and necessary. Carrots are a source of carotene in the pumpkin contains vitamins beauty a, C And e and a host of other substances. Continue reading

Delicious recipes and quick snacks on the holiday table

Snacks – not only as a traditional additive to alcohol. The first is the business card of the table that guests see when they sit at the table. Snack is usually preceded by a hot dish and is served in addition to (or instead of) salads, which are so dearly loved by the population. Modern snacks, like a set of dishes for your guests, it is not limited to the standard type: “sandwiches with caviar and red fish”, “cold cuts” and cheese plate (other things the latter is very often in Russia mixed). Some recipes are simple and delicious snacks in a hurry.

1. Quick snack “sandwiches with egg and tomato”. Perfect if guests are men, and the more pure it becomes, if they unexpectedly came.

Ingredients: eggs, baguette, mayonnaise, tomatoes, garlic if desired. Method of preparation: the eggs boil (15 minutes – while communicating with guests), the slice of bread (whole) fry from two parties or used for these purposes, a toaster. Eggs after cooking, put it under running water – they quickly cooled. Then cut them with a knife or egg slicer (not finely), dressed with mayonnaise ,add salt to taste, you can put crushed garlic or even cheese (grate). Tomato cut into slices. On a piece of loaf generously blend the egg mixture, and tomato. Very tasty and quick. Continue reading

Simple recipes for every day simple products

Simple recipes for every day simple products include seasonal ingredients. If it was summer, it will be the actual soup with chanterelles. Beet salad topical throughout the year, because, this useful root is always worth a penny. To economically to make the menu, one should always pay their attention to seasonal products. This is the first rule of saving.

Many are surprised how much can be made from potatoes or cottage cheese. In this article we have gathered a simple meal that will be quick to prepare but taste to surprise and please. And we’ll show you what to cook the beef in addition to burgers and meatballs .

Simple recipes for every day simple products salads, soups and main dishes

Salad with beets and Apple

Salads with fresh, seasonal vegetables every day should be in the menu of the family who tries to eat healthy. In this recipe the main ingredient is beetroot and Apple, and that means it is a generic version of the healthy salad at any time of the year. Continue reading

Recipes of meat for the New year

The New year holiday impossible to imagine without richly set table, and also without meat on it. The fact that these dishes, both hot and cold, are a symbol of a well-fed future, prosperity in the coming year. In addition, they look extremely beautiful by decorating the feast and forcing to fight more often hearts of true connoisseurs of meat on them.

Our recipes are meat dishes will help you not make mistakes in cooking, be it French meat, the recipe is not very complicated or non-trivial braised rabbit in Maltese. Even a novice cook can achieve unprecedented success and praise from guests and family.

Festive meat dishes can be very diverse, so beautifully will look like a duck or goose, roasted whole. Can I prepare cabbage rolls or tripe for true connoisseurs. But in the choice of delicious meat dishes do not forget that every year has its patron Saint in the Eastern horoscope.

Extremely popular in the New year’s eve recipes become the meat in the oven . often such dishes are not very difficult, but the excellent taste and appearance is always guaranteed. In addition, we must not forget that the admirers of the healthy lifestyle would always prefer rarenames baked. Continue reading

Dessert, side dish, salad of pumpkin and carrot - healthy menu for every day!
Dishes made of different vegetables form the basis of the diet of each person. All other products – meat, fish, milk, fruits – only complement the recipes, the basis in…


The most delicious nuts of the world
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